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2010-11-17 05:10:03 by MeganVawter

I am however going to bed. I need sleep. Tomorrow, well technically later today since its 2:02AM, I will submit more stuff and hopefully make some friends on here haha. All these animation illustrations im working on are taking forever, and I need to find a good illustrator brush that I can use to replace my borders. Ugh.

But I am working on a 4-5m animation currently that should be done in probably April of this year. It's an original story that I wrote that im working on with two other people and its going to be called "Time Running"


2010-11-17 05:00:36 by MeganVawter

So, I have officially made a newgrounds page. I want to submit my things to the art section of the site but it seems like my style is way different from everybody elses, so im not sure if I should. I was thinking of putting my board designs on here but im not sure if im allowed to or should do that either. Ack, haha im not sure, everything is new and different here at newgrounds.